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Reach them on social.

Don't know where to start?

The Meta Ads Manager platform is a powerful tool, run by one of the most complex algorithms in the world. But this also means it can be complicated to learn.

We know how to run "Meta" (Facebook/Instagram) paid social ads for small businesses and non-profits. We know the platform, and keep up to date with its constant changes. Whether it's retargeting ads, specific location ads, or any ads you can think of - we can help execute that vision.

Image by Georgia de Lotz


Posting organic content to social media really only targets your followers. To reach new people, you have to pay to play.


We've run ads targeting everyone from "parents who love to cook", to "MBA graduates from Indiana University". We know how to find your specific audience.


With our own reporting software, we'll be able to translate results to understandable + actionable recommendations.


That product that popped up after you only whispered it's name?

Yeah, the Meta algorithm probably isn't listening to your conversations, but it is really smart. Use one of Silicon Valley's smartest technologies to your advantage.

From targeting those who have visited your website in the past, to those who the algorithm thinks might love your business - we can help paid ads work for you with the best ROI.

Book a call to talk to us about your dream ads.

What is our process?


Set up of ads + audiences.

We'll build the "creative" (actual ad graphics), copy write the ads, + create your custom audiences in the Meta platform. From there, you'll be able to preview the ads before we turn them on.

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Testing ad copy, graphics, + videos.

We don't assume to know which copy + visuals will perform the best. By running a multitude of options, we can test what resonates with your audience, and what will give you the best return + results on your ad spend.


Tracking results + insights for future campaigns.

Reading results in the Meta platform can be overwhelming. We have our own reporting software to breakdown ad results in an easy to understand fashion. These reports can be automated to arrive to your inbox!


Major KPIs we like to track are: click through rate, cost per click, cost per result, adds to cart, & total orders.


Enough from us. Here's what our clients have to say:

They really helped hone in on priorities moving forward - I felt like I had a solid plan to implement their ideas! 
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